31 October 2007

Whoa, cool clothes and outfits

Man oh man. The things I stumble upon: Free People can dress me any time. I feel like an assortment of these things are already in my closet, but since those items have (individually, maybe collectively) been named "ugly" by different folks throughout the years, they remain unworn ...

I avow. I avow to be more funky. I am funky, man. Funky as a suburban white girl with a desk job can be, anyway. And no money to give to Free People.

And look at all the scarves and hats those ladies are wearing! I feel so justified for knitting up a storm.


Adam Deutsch said...

You are funky.
On same days, even Funky-Fresh.

Lillian said...

i looveeee free people. only i cant afford them. they have a new store in chicago. i found a free people shirt at tj maxx once! that i could afford.