16 October 2007

Charles Lamb, the Aquarian Essayist

When my father was getting his B.S. in General Sciences (a BS in GS, if you will), he wrote an essay for a literature class about Charles Lamb. Who was born in February. Like my father, an Aquarian.

The rest of this story has to do with my mother's reaction to his essay's title. "But you never explain this title," she said, years ago. "But he's an Aquarian," my father replied.

This argument has continued for decades. Now that I've taught freshman composition, my mother wants me on her side. It is a bad, bad title, yes, but a funny one.

Anyway, read his "dissertation upon a roast pig." Enjoy.


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lee b said...

09MAR2009 I just read about the history of roast pig as described by Charles Lamb. Pretty concise for a essayist of his time period, very much like Christine's dad -- also just as whimsical as her dad.

I should know because I'm the one who typed up that essay for his class 3 decades ago. My complaint is still valid, nowhere in the essay does he explain that Lamb was born under the Aquarius zodiac sign nor did he allude to Lamb having 'Aquarian' attitudes or ideas (whatever one can assume those might be).

He got a very good grade because it was typed, on time and lucid which for an instructor with 5 classes of English (half in large halls of 50 plus students) to teach was probably a pleasant surprise and deserved an A.

Someday we'll find that paper again and verify what was really said. Now it's just a footnote on 30+ years of marriage.