10 October 2007

me and the "baybles"

Oh my, throbbing sinus pain. Quickly moving to the back of the head, and the shoulders, and the bones of the face, and the teeth, and the lungs that feel a bit too crackly and tight. Come on, sinuses: I thought we had a treaty going. You wanted me to use my rosemary eucalyptus lemongrass sugar scrub in the shower this morning; and I did -- you wanted me to give you a saline nasal wash, Claritin, decongestant, and Advil -- and I did.

Enough of that. Any knitters out there ever start using a yarn only to discover you hate it with every stitch? That's me and Rowan Damask. In the blue/sea green colorway. It is beautiful, but man. I tried knitting it on 8's, then 5's, and it was awful, and so was the lace pattern (KNIT 4 TOGETHER = impossible). But on 3's -- the low end of the recommended gauge -- it is so much nicer. And now I'm using it to make a chemo cap for a friend's mom, in a crazy awesome cable pattern. And know, friends, that after two beers, when knitting "baby" (as in tiny) cables, get ready to call them "baybles."

Fall is here, and so far, it's painful. Cold, brisk, and painful.

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