07 October 2007

a blessing on this blog

How lovely is the technology that will allow me to think out loud, keep track of my own projects, and bring about discourse among friends. A blessing on this blog, indeed. Let us ask for it.

So far today I haven't been hungover, haven't showered, but have thought of seven new projects:
1) buy a 7-drawer craft cart and put all my yarn, beads, and sewing and knitting supplies inside
2) save up for a good rotary cutter and mat (if I can't stop dreaming of them, maybe buying them is the answer)
3) make quilts with cyanotype trials from yesteryear, after a few wash and dry tests
4) knit a heart-shaped pillow for my Gram, who's 80 now, in denim and with bluebonnets either embroidered (lazy way) or colorworked in (scratching brain for long time way)
5) sell pre-beaded bulky hand-dyed yarn with 100 or so beads already attached in scarf kits of maybe 400 yards
6) make my cracked tile pieces (also from yesteryear) into smaller pieces and
a) sell them in bulk on etsy.com
b) consider making a mosaic for myself with the pieces, to place on my coffee table's top, thus avoiding the rickety slats of that top now, which annoy me, especially when drinking from wine glass, and since that won't stop, the table should change
7) start a blog :)

So hi, everyone, and just me, too. Here we are.

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