19 October 2007

more on knitting

Okay. Work is freaking me out right now. Let's think knitting and nieces in no particular order.

Niece one: Amelia. Sweater from crocus-colored cotton. Super-soft. 1 year old.

Niece two: Selah. Blanket? Hat? Jumper? She's almost 3.

Niece three: Tikvah. Blanket, crib-sized? Whatever it is, make it washable! She's a drooler. 1 year old. Yeah, blanket for sure.

Niece four: Liora. Maybe the Apple 2E style hat? She has a cube-shaped head. Maybe ... a soft merino wool hat? Or a superfast lacy baby cardigan? She's about 6 months.

1 comment:

jW said...

If you want a challenge, knit me some pants.