11 October 2007

"hey, nyquil driver ... watch out for that sign"

So maybe I don't usually like things that do more to my body than I want them to -- I like taking my decongestant and pain meds separately, convenience be damned, because at least I know what I'm taking. I feel the same way about soap, and deodorant, and shampoo, and toothpaste, and mouthwash -- sodium laureth sulfate what? Sudsing agent what? And this applies to food, too -- if I'm eating apple pancakes fried in bacon grease, I at least want to know that's why it's the most delicious breakfast food I've ever eaten. And same with fried chicken, and gravy, and biscuits ... on and on. Maybe it's a control thing. Maybe it's a purity of ingredients thing. Maybe a functional thing?

All this makes me distrust Nyquil and Dayquil. What the hell are in these things? Why are they bright teal, or bright orange? What makes a gel cap a "gel cap"? (I'm guessing gelatin, folks.)

But in my hours of desperation yesterday, after leaving work sick, after putting hot and cold compresses on my head, then hot ones for longer, then breathing steam with eucalyptus oil in it ... it was time for Nyquil.

And I slept nine and a half hours, and I can breathe. My teeth don't hurt for the first time in three days. Sinus pressure, consider yourself banished.

I am taking They Might Be Giants to heart, though -- this is a sign that I like sleepy-making things a bit too much.

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Lillian said...

after years of taking cold medicines, all sleepy-time meds give me about 3 hrs of relief and then jump start me into full-on awake mode :(