26 October 2007

How hard the Old 97's rock:

"We galloped through the buroughs like a pair of horny thoroughbreds
until when I said 'stop the car Doreen'
you can roll your eyes and nod, but I swear that I saw God
in the moonlight on a side street in the wreckage we call Queens ... "

and ...

"I've been reading books when no one's lookin"


So far that's all I have to add today. I like this migraine med I have, because it works, but an unfortunate side effect of what it does -- constrict the blood vessels in my brain that are setting off pain receptors by their swelling for whatever reason -- is that it constricts ALL my blood vessels, making me feel kind of tight and panicky.

So, on to deep breaths, cheap oatmeal in the office caf, a little less coffee maybe, a little more water.

I started knitting this last night. I want to have it done on Saturday.

1 comment:

Lillian said...

that kitty is SO CRAZY CUTE!!! if it turns out well, i might commission you knit one for my friends baby....ok and one for me too... :)