22 October 2007

What is the deal with cupcakes.

Yes, I mean that sentence to end with a period; poets from my former workshops can be annoyed at me all they want, but I don't always mean questions as questions. It's like this: WHAT IS THE DEAL. End-stop.

So cupcakes are delicious. They're cute. They're tres chic. They're a great way to enjoy a high-calorie, really-bad-for-you thing in a very small portion -- until you eat more than one. And if you ever drop by Magnolia Bakery in NYC and you think, Well, I could get one or I could get a dozen, and eat them all, because look at how delicious they are -- you can't be eating just one.

Regardless of my former infactuation with cupcakes, I am saying NO MORE. At least to gourmet cupcakes. Normal, soon-to-be-outlawed cupcakes have a special place in my heart forever. But lately, when I want chocolate, I want chocolate for real. Not three hours from now. Like a hunk of dark chocolate with cacao nibs. Or brownies from a box. Or Nigella's honey chocolate cake -- which is a wow.

And if I don't want chocolate ... and I want butter and sugar instead ... then why not have shortbread? Or a muffin? Or a whole-grain muffin with flaxseed and canola instead of butter? Or a piece of toast with jam? Or lavender shortbread?

All I'm sayin, yall, is that I plan to be a bit more picky about my "gourmet" endeavors. Butter is butter, and chocolate, chocolate, and neither one needs to be a big ol cupcake.

Maybe that rant makes way more sense to me than you. It probably does. We're running quite low on sleep here. And coffee. Oh, coffee.

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