09 October 2007


I think that the next time I have an urge to stay up all night reading, writing, knitting, and cooking chicken stock, I should follow that urge. That urge appears as a polite way to tell me I'm not going to sleep well anyway, apparently, and would be better off doing things I like than laying awake in bed.

At least it's finally cooler outside.

Also note the tiny edit to my Roethke epigraph: joy, not job. Job only in my head. Not in his poem "The Abyss." I do like "job," though, a bit better than joy. But accuracy is important.

I started knitting a lightweight hat last night on size 3 needles. This could be torture. Or this could be the hard thing I knit when I can't sleep. And, and, I can wimp out on the pattern and just make it flat stockinette, which I like too -- that option. It will be soft and lovely either way.

Anybody have ideas to combat insomnia that don't involve drugs? I have some drugs, but they scare me during the weeknights. I also have a million bath-things and lavender things. And wine, and bourbon, and beer, and so on. So ... other ideas?

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Kristen said...

today it's finally a bit brisk outside and I busted out my fantastic blue scarf!! so yummy.
doctors are always recommending exercise to help fight sleeplessness, but I think it really depends on how severe the sleeplessness. you could walk around your block two or three times in the crisp fall air - good for thought processing, if not a surefire thing to make you sleepy.