08 October 2007

television, knitting, and nausea

If there can be anything good in this world, it comes to me in the form of Honeyed Ginger Beverage, a powdered hot drink mix sold in various Asian grocers. It is exactly what it sounds like, and when my perpetual nausea kicks in for whatever reason, it saves me. It warms and soothes. And being powdered, there's no brew time like tea would require, which somehow convinces me to make it more often than peppermint tea or ginger root tea.

I ran out last night. Must buy like five boxes of twenty packets this time so I can't run out for a long, long time.

And television helps with nausea too, because my eyes can unfocus and I can lay flat or crumpled or whatever. The dumber TV the better, which leads us to ... Star Trek: Enterprise. Yes, the one starring Scott Bakula. He has just as many "aw shucks" moments as he did on Quantum Leap, but now he's the captain of the first starship with a warp 5.5 engine, and he gets quite cocky.

Choice quotes:
"How can I be human if I lose my humanity?"
"Perhaps someday, all these species will be united ... in some kind of ... federation ... "
"Perhaps someday, there will be some kind of guideline for first contact ... some kind of ... Prime Directive ... "

The list goes on, but it's so uninteresting that I shouldn't waste space on it. Season 3 looked promising for five episodes, but now we're back to the same episodic format that leaves the season's moderately okay plot behind. And there are Western shoot-outs, and zombie Vulcans. They attack people with pipes. Seriously. Those episodes are almost worth it.

And knitting? I finished the cat bed, which now needs felting, which required a pillow protector, which I don't have. I worked on Lara's legwarmers drunkenly, but thank God those things are just 3x1 rib with two increases every twelve rows. I unraveled something, and got angry at mohair, and started planning a basic pattern for fingerless mitts in a thick and thin bulky green/blue wool -- I'm thinking rib with a thick cable running up the outer aspect of the top of the hand. They will go to my friend Anna, the photographer who just started an MFA in SCOTLAND. Where it must be damp and cold all the time.

That leaves my flickering flames lace scarf in gorgeous DK weight wool/mohair/silk. And the tank top I had to frog, which I haven't started again. And the throw pillow cases knit from strips of old jeans I haven't started. And a hat, and a cuff bracelet.

And I maybe just took on a new freelance editing job that I offered to review for free at first. I don't know what happens to me when I'm running on only a skim latte, but it's selfless, I guess, and doesn't earn me money. Do I need meals in me to think about making money? Perhaps, someday, there will be some kind of guideline .. some .. food pyramid.


christina said...

I have ginger honey beverage!! A lot of it! And a new lingerie knitting book that arrived on my doorstep . . . if necessary, I can make house calls :).

Love, Christy

christina said...

Also, this blog is beautiful. Professional, streamlined, gorgeous.