19 October 2007

a million ideas about knitting

Why not try that lovely thick and thin blue/green Malabrigo as a capelet? Or a cowl? There isn't much of it, but it could be dramatic and lovely. On 15's. In stockinette. Maybe in that easy-loopy lace pattern.

And the faded blue handspun from New York ... will you be mittens? I think you should be a hat for me. A beautiful light blue cabled hat.

And you, 3-ply varigated green merino/mohair/silk mix ... you should be mittens for Anna. "Open palm mittens," if you will.

And ... I started a blanket for one of four nieces last night. Let us use up the acrylic! Acrylic boucle is perfect for babies who drool a lot! And so is "fringe" yarn. I hate the stuff, but it's colorful, and washable I think, and I have a lot. It's a nice touch with pale yellow and pink boucle. I want to make a million blanket squares of it, with garter borders and stockinette middles, seam them together, and make four massive tassels for each corner. Yes. Drapey and not too warm.

Let us note that no one has blown us up yet, and no tornadoes have touched down in my town. Yet.

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