31 March 2008

On Lyrics in Songs

Man, if I wrote poems with higher frequency and thus had them on the brain, this post would have to do with either Brigit's SONG or "Song" or the lyric in general. Instead it has to do with Outkast and "Hey Ya!"

I'm obsessed with this song right now, not that I haven't heard it until now or anything -- I am a bit hipper than that. But. I have this trouble with song lyrics, a trouble that is really only me not knowing what they are, and being certain I do, and singing out loud because why wouldn't you, life is short, sing some songs, but in the end? I look the fool.

But I have listened to that song so much that I think I really do know the lyrics. At least some of them.

Also I want to be knitting. I worked 8.5 hours of overtime this weekend, so money=yay, but weekend time=nay. So I have a knitting jones and a biscotti- and bread-baking jones and a sleep-jones. All shall be fulfilled in their time.

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