24 March 2008

Good Hip, Sighs, Pipian, and Evil

For the record, my hip has not popped out of its socket. I heard rumors of concern. No need for that concern. It does make a popping sound, though, which might distress a chiropractor, but not me, and not you.

We are back in town as of yesterday. Sigh of relief. I slept the whole drive back and then eight hours more in the night. Deep, deep breaths.

Anybody know how to hull pumpkin seeds? I have all these seeds and they aren't hulled, and I'm learning that hulled ones will help me make the pipian I so desire.

If you needed proof that humans are evil, you can read this, but it is so disturbing that you could also take my word for it. We're evil. We just are. Maybe not all the time, but we are evil all the same.

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