13 March 2008

Oh right, slum tourism

I can't believe I forgot to write about this. Really, tours of slums, really. The article is carefully neutral, which I can appreciate, but it left me raising my voice in our office: "Where is the OUTRAGE? These comments had better have some outrage." And some do, but a lot don't, and that is more outrageous.

Also Beijing is killing and neglecting lots of cats in preparation for the Olympics. I don't want to read an article about that, but Laura told me about it, and it is haunting.

And a woman in Boulder dyed her poodle pink with beet dye and KoolAid (good choices), and was fined, but says she was just raising breast cancer awareness. Do you buy that? I do not.


laura said...

Larry Kramer has a "where is the outrage" t-shirt. Except I think it goes more like, "WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???" We should try our hands at screen printing for an artful AND emotional product which we can then wear to work. Perfect.

jW said...

Is poodle a euphemism for something?