03 March 2008

"Every angel is terrifying."

Somehow, in all my years of reading poetry, I have not read Rilke's Duino Elegies.

And he's right about all of it. Unacknowledged legislators of the world, unite, and let us proclaim him our mascot.

Especially that thing about angels.

I've been trying to read Donald Hall, because I got that big book of his with the great title, White Apples and the Taste of Stone, for free a while ago and haven't read it. But wow is it painful. I mean I think his writing is painful to read. Repetitive, dull; sorry, dude. I miss your wife too, but not as much as you do. You have the right to be repetitive about it.

My landlord had my moldy caulk all re-caulked today! Big stink, though, so I had to open many windows and the door to flood the place with fresh, very cold air. Now in two shirts, a cardigan sweater, a blazer, a scarf and mitts to compensate.

I am also a knitting fiend. I also make mistakes when I don't check my gauge (that's stitches per inch for you non-knitters). I mean, I thought I was making a hat to fit a four-year-old Japanese girl. Instead it is a hat for a newborn. Marie Antoinette is a good movie for knitting, though -- the decadence and lack of depth make it pretty but not distracting and very indulgent. And I thank you, Sofia Coppola, for leaving the beheadings out.

So, some secret knitting to do, two hats to work on, my shrug to work on (just the sleeves to go), and ... new yarn to play with. It has cassette tape spun into it. I will keep you updated.

And no, I don't know what tape it was, and my brother asked me first.


laura said...

Oh, hooray. I'm so happy for you, reading the Rilke. And surprised you haven't before! Which translation do you have?

Christine said...

Stephen Mitchell's. Carl loaned it to me a few weeks ago when he started reading from it drunkenly, as he does, and I whispered I hadn't read the Elegies ... really I've only read the Book of Hours over and over.