27 March 2008

and another one

Things I want to knit:
-- a sweater or wrap for myself out of my miles of green/maize/cream wool/mohair/silk yarn
-- a Clapotis with the single-ply bare silk
-- socks with the awesome best yarn ever, for me, in some pattern, not determined
-- napkin rings, beaded, knit with thin wire
-- hats with ears, 2.0
-- an a-line skirt out of hemp yarn, probably using a feather and fan lace pattern with a dyed to match or complement slip sewn in, or not sewn in, because I know my own clothes and which ones need slips, yeah?
-- some scarf thing with the pumpkin colored cassette tape yarn
-- some mitts, probably, with the really busy apiary yarn
-- some color theory malabrigo legwarmers (I am still cold, and this way, I can use up the 3+ skeins of pink/purple yarns I have around, not striping but fading randomly)

At this rate I'll knit a screen door.

That was a joke.

This odd thing is happening over here ... Noah's off to his Chicago thing, I'm here, it's raining, it's very still and cold and sniffly, and ... things are okay. That's what is odd. The okay. Sometimes silence like this can work out differently, more manic, more bathtub-scrubbing, high-production volume kind of things. Right now I just want to keep being still. And maybe reading Stuff White People Like.

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