18 March 2008

Deep Hip Popping and Deep Molar Pits

Apparently it's a bad thing, and it really is my hip joint popping like you'd pop your knuckles. One of the books I'm working on, the clinical orthopedic assessment guide second edition, says so. I thought I was just flexible. Apparently one of my legs may be a bit longer, and my stance may be off, on and on. I think orthopedic clinicians may make some of this up. Whatever; those deep hip pops are okay by me.

Dentist appointment today, first one in three years, so I went in certain I had cavities, root canal needs, denture needs, all of it. No, my teeth are perfect. The dentist is a missionary-minded guy who supports Noah's dad in Lutheran-to-Jewish missions, so our visit culminated in him telling me 'that Lutheran teaching about free will is all wrong. God gives some people really bad teeth no matter how much they brush. Yours are great, though.' And they are great only because my mom and my first dentist (who I saw for twenty years) forged a pact that would ensure I would have no braces and no cavities. I'm still cavity-free, and it is pretty miraculous, given the deep pits in my molars. Many are filled in with permanent caps, which are so sweet, but others are not, and I worry about them and brush a lot. I am also braces-free and wisdom-tooth-removed and sometimes I forget if I have all my other molars or not. Things were tight in my alignment for a while, and there was some willy-nilly tooth extraction happening in my mouth. All my canines were pulled at once, all my bicuspids were pulled together another time, and in my vague memory, I just didn't have a lot of teeth for a long time. Now it is all good.

Doesn't 'deep molar pits' look like 'deep moral pits' as if to create some ridiculous way of saying 'her morals are in the pits, the deep pits?' No one talks that way, though. And this is my editor brain working too hard for sure.

My real editor work is not hard, though, and I should go do some more of it. Never lay out documents in Word, people. It is not a layout program. It doesn't want to make books for you. It will declare its hate for you by deleting your footers at random and also centering paragraphs for no reason. Oh, Word, this is not your calling.

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Kristen said...

I have AWFUL teeth, and I feel that it is, in fact, a kind of moral failing. My molars don't just have pits, they are slowly breaking apart. It's the moral pits.

But I can't remember ever having a particularly good dentist, or at least a dentist who was able to put me at ease and did not use condescension as a tactic to inspire me to brush better and more often.

Additionally, the terrifying cost of dental work has prevented me from actively seeking a better dentist, because, you know, what's the point? Do they take charity cases? Probably not.

When I win the lottery, I'm going to get implants like my grandpa. He jokes that his trips to the dentist are just to get his metal cleaned. Which may, in fact, be what occurs. How awesome.