10 March 2008

The People Have Spoken

I will probably see a doctor or nurse today.

Noah managed to convince me to go to bed last night by saying "Remember how we talked about keeping you well? Or getting better? It's ten o'clock."

Can anyone else in the world be as fastidious as me? I can think of a woman I knew in college who included in her criteria for selecting jeans THE COLOR OF THE THREAD used to sew the seams. Like the exposed thread. Which, certainly, can be a dark wheat color or red or pink or blue. But this influenced how she coordinated outfits.

I think about the metals exposed on my clothes. And my jewelery choices. I do not find this overly fastidious.

I'm thinking of outfit-planning for these two weddings in STL that are a week apart, and how I've been knitting a capelet/shrug thing for myself to wear with a dress I love. But now I am worried. I am worried the plum/mauve/dusty pink yarn and the dark red dress are not working.

Thankfully I have far too many clothes and with a few hours spent trying things on, I will work it out.

Does anyone else love and hate J.Crew at the same time like I do? Love the quality, love the colors, hate the casting of models and the lifestyle portrayed in the ads, hate the 'coast' feeling of it all, hate the prices, hate knowing that their cashmere comes from a sweatshop like everyone else's ... probably ... I have no evidence for that last one. Just worries.

But good god their shoes.

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