27 March 2008

A Very Editorial-ized List

-- Noah has interviews for summer full-time internships: woohoo!
-- I have allergies, DayQuil, NyQuil, and a nasal wash pot: woohoo!
-- Our house has fresh produce now, too!

Of course, the allergy fog that went with me to the grocery store led me to buy only fresh produce, and none of the food we actually eat as meals. You know, frozen pizzas, etc. Yeah, good job, immune system; bad job, all other body systems. You know I need more than fruit.

I think I'm going to try making our own yogurt. I've heard it's as simple as adding some existing yogurt to milk, letting it sit, and then watching it become yogurt. Because it is a living thing, it works that way. Kind of gross, huh? Don't think too much. Think "good bacteria."

Officemate Kyle and I finished our office theme song cd ... and it is awesome. Oh man, it is great. We are working on a second act, not a sequel, not a second edition -- at this point, a theme-less collection of songs that we throw out in very short emails as ideas.



"Whistle While You Work?"

Um, no.

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