01 April 2008

In which she tries to sound smart and aware

In the middle of two, well, four bad months of work, I have today, and today I am catching up on all my training that I haven't done in the last nine months and setting things up so that some of my work is easier from here on out. Some of that has made me aware of how over-budget all my projects are, all the time. Like double the budget. Like that bad.

Oh well.

I am cooking more food these days; maybe that allergy-fogged grocery trip did me good by keeping me from getting anything except ingredients and nothing to immediately digest. Well fruit is in that category, so never mind. Anyway:
--black beans with orange and cumin, served with white rice
When I get that recipe in front of me, I will share it. It's an hour and a half crock pot recipe ... that's unheard of. And good.
--chicken cacciatore with fusilli
More crock pot: slice onions, thaw chicken drumsticks, open jar of marinara, add minced garlic, add chopped green bell pepper ... eat ... wow. The recipe calls for mushrooms, which I like and Noah does not, so we went without. I think it would be better over rice or fettucine, something easier to eat that the really squirmy fusilli we had.

I am reading Dog Years by Mark Doty, and it is great. He posits that sentimentality is just a way to cover up rage.

Keep thinking about it. Think about how we tell stories of animals' loyalty, and how we can all agree people are not nearly as loyal and that is really sad. And outrageous.

Where's the outrage again? Huh?


jW said...

I bought Jessica a NETIPOT. It's coming in the mail.

Christine said...

Wahoo Neti Pot! They have good instructions with them, but usually first-timers are certain they'll drown and want someone watching them. (I haven't seen anyone drown yet.) But do feel free to call if need be. Also, I recommend using kosher salt, 1/2 t. to 8 oz. water. And make the water like wrist-temperature, like you (or not you) do for baby bottles.

I could say more, but I should just say congratulations on adding nasal washes to your household.