08 April 2008

Craving Saag Paneer

And tonight I will fulfill my craving. Yessss.

I will send a book to the printer today, a book I've worked on start to finish. Whew. Weird. This book is a book of tumult -- it was designed, then fixed, then redesigned, then fixed again, and then more minor fixes after that. Usually we have three or four rounds of correcting laid-out pages before sending things to the printer ... this book has had seven, I think.

Forgetting to take Claritin is a really bad idea. I'm itchy already. Maybe some extreme hand and arm washing will help.

Have I mentioned I'm knitting socks? And that they're cool?

And that I'm going to dye yarn this week? Probably starting with the superwash merino worsted I bought ... ah, forgiving yarn, I shall make you weird blue colors. Maybe with purple and green, too. We shall see.

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