14 April 2008

Reading Slowly as Fast as Possible

This is an interesting test of my abilities: with work, right now, I'm reading newly-laid out pages, and I need to read them really carefully, which means slowly, and I am terrible at reading slowly (thanks, grad school). So I'm doing all the eye-slowing tricks there are, like using a piece of paper as a line guide and hitting words with my pencil and thinking them as I read them (which I don't usually do; I'm a speed reader too), and all of this is SLOW but accurate.

But, but, now it has become clear that I need to get through as much material as I've already done, which has taken DAYS, in fewer days.

So fast and slow, yeah? I can't tell if caffeine will help or hinder.

I just want to read paragraphs diagonally again.

Also I am fastidious and obsessive and that makes me a good editor, if you didn't know. Also I am probably about to take on far too much freelance work, but whatevs, the money is good, I like the folks I'll work with, and I don't want to drop them.

What is editing overdrive like? It is very slow.

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