30 April 2008

Balance, Impasse, Nothing New

Nothing new on the busy-ness front. That storm is still rolling in.

Nothing else new, either. Except I am impressed by how Noah and I are still eating at home though we haven't been grocery-shopping in two weeks. And I'm thinking vegetarian/vegan is impossible for me to avoid. And my manic cleaning came back, and my migraines are back.

And my horoscope today?

"Business as usual is boring -- so skip past all of your right-brained thinking today and focus more on creative pursuits. Turn the left lobe of your mighty brain on. Instead of looking at spreadsheets or working on calculations, check out some new music or look at some art. Your gray matter needs a balanced diet just like your body does -- too much time spent dealing with facts and figures is not good for you. Make something -- even if you just bake a batch of your favorite cookies."

Does a highly technical textbook count as left-brain? I do have two spreadsheets open at this minute, too.

How about some swatch-knitting ... how about it. Swatches I have yelled about before; today, I think they might be incredibly comforting. Take yarn; guess at a needle size; cast on and knit. Unhappy? Unravel, guess again at needle size, cast on and knit some more. Knit and knit. I have an insane backlog of yarn, projects, current projects, hoped-for projects ... and overtime to keep working.

Well, all the overtime has convinced me to get a haircut, at Ippatsu, a place I've hated on and badmouthed for years now -- with no evidence, of course, of my own. But they set me up with a woman who has lots of clients with wavy and curly hair. And that is something I have and am at an impasse with.


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