23 April 2008

In which she gets busy

Like "what do I really have to sleep?" busy. Like hives busy. Like put on your eye makeup and then think, "wow, is that how tired I really look? I thought it was a lack of under-eye concealer ..."

If, in a best-circumstance publishing world, I would have two and a half months to do what I'm doing, and I now have three weeks to do what I'm doing (let's use a displayed equation),

10 weeks / 3 weeks = 33% = an approximate 66% reduction in available time.

That's me working three times faster than I should be.

I'm not checking the references anymore. Don't ask.

Also, did you know that sometimes, variables are italicized (ital), sometimes boldface (bf), and sometimes "bf ital"? And sometimes Greek characters are ital, and sometimes not ital? And sometimes subscripts are roman, and sometimes they're ital, too?

And that all the art is wrong? All 450 pieces of art? Because none of us thought about the variables before.

What's the big deal? It's only a physics textbook disguised as a "neuromechanics" text ...

I moderated a week-long dispute about multiplication dot size and the alignment of equal signs.

Also, Aveeno's overnight itch relief cream is wonderful.

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