19 April 2008

OMG Passover Seder!

The stores of this town undersupply the matzo-seeking population, and I am upset every year, and I think, every year, I will get to the store before The Last Day of Leaven and buy some whole wheat matzo, some salted matzo, not this half-assed unsalted, NOT EVEN KOSHER FOR PASSOVER crap.

Well that's what I have again, so it's triply good I'm not Jewish, and that Noah has a kind and friendly association with Jewishness, and that we don't have to freak out for religious reasons. I'm angry for consumer reasons, and I feel very American.

But if you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps ...

I'm going to try Peter Reinhart's recipe for whole wheat matzo today. Fastest bread baking ever, especially since his book is all about the two-day delayed fermentation of whole grain ingredients to make hearth-style, artisanal bread. V. different.

Also making:
--brisket, yall
--a sweet potato or potato thing
--chicken stock
--to be followed by matzo balls
--berry sorbet
--chocolate-covered matzo

and the seder plate jazz, too.

I was dreaming of seder plates a while ago. Kind of a lame dream. Seder plates are too cool, though. Vessel -> plate -> designed for ceremony -> still a plate -> can be very unique and used-once-a-year OR just a plate.

whoa I'm going to go get cooking.

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