22 January 2008

ZOMG the Fed dropped!

TO 3.5%! Go buy a house today! (I think it affects houses, anyway. Not so sure.)

I'm going to wait a few days and see if the folks I have loans with offer me better consolidation interest rates ... really, anything better than 7.8% sounds great.

See, when you have 60 - 70k in debt, and more debt on its way, and none of it is credit debt, mind you, you pay attention to interest rates. Like a hawk. I nearly swerved when I heard that on NPR this morning.

Also, hey Democratic presidential candidates, fighting is cute for a little while, like Hello Kitty merchandise -- and then it is so boring. I am learning nothing about Obama's plan of hope or Clinton's views of herself as a CEO. I am learning only that I like the way Obama argues better, and that it seems fishy when your former-president husband is campaigning for you. Yeah, spouses do campaign for each other all the time, but not everyone's spouse is a FORMER PRESIDENT.

And also, please watch A Daily Show streaming, like I do ... Jon, Jon, I can declare my love for you all day. Bush would ask 'Your Majesty' nicely for lower oil prices? Great. While selling arms to the most unstable region globally.

I still want nuclear disarmament for Christmas. Even for Groundhog's Day.

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