28 January 2008

A few true things.

I am deathly afraid of scrapbooking. So many little pieces of paper. So many thick-with-glue pages. So much JUNK. AHHHHHH.

I am thankful for concerned friends, re: my big mistake at work. It's okay now, as okay as it can be in regards to me. That means no one is firing me. It also means we pay 4K to reprint a book that isn't going to sell much at all. Still lame, still me feeling lame, still my problem because no one is making me feel bad, but I do, I do.

I am far too easily annoyed by people. I am dehydrated. I am having a hard time with appetite, as in having one for food. The whites of my eyes have been red for two days, not itchy, and I'm not sure why. I think my tooth enamel is dying, I think I need to get some more sleep, I think I need to ... be better already.

Look at your pretty nails, little girl. Think about the mountains, think about the snow. Gonna be okay.

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