15 January 2008

What about the making?

Making to do:

1.) Write up Noah's Fibonacci scarf as a real pattern, submit to knitty.com, become famous overnight.

2.) Finish the mystery application for the mystery job. Shrouded in mystery. News to come.

3.) Buy a dye kit, buy some bare wool, dye some yarn already. Sheesh. How will I ever start a fiber company if I'm not even dealing with fiber?

4.) Consider investigating local ceramics classes again. Hearing unglazed stoneware lids brush unglazed stoneware rimmed openings still gives me the willies. Working in clay has to happen someday, maybe not this round of classes, but someday.

5.) At the very least, dig clay and get dirty.

6.) Condense sweaters, again, and sort by warmth this time. It's January, JANUARY, which means fooling around by wearing lightweight sweaters is just a bad idea. BAD.

Notes to add:

I'm not going vegan tomorrow. Goodness. Anti-veg sentiment is everywhere. But I don't think I can resist VEGANOMICON. Especially since it's referencing ARMY OF DARKNESS. And because Bruce Campbell ... well, there's really nothing to say except the man can pull off the pompadour he gets stuck with in so many roles lately.

Also, last weekend, while watching SUPERMAN 1 in a friend's parents' massive home theater set-up, I expressed my love for Willem Dafoe repeatedly, to the unabashed suspicion of fellow viewers. It is WILLEM, people. It's not a sexy thing, it's a Willem thing. Who else can be that dramatic? Bruce Campbell, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis (if you call it drama, I will) ... my elitism extends to what is cheesy enough to be called properly spectacular. Deal. And believe.

I think lightweight wool socks, inside my waterproof beautiful boots, are the way to go. Enough air to insulate. I'm rethinking insulation lately. Ideas? Down coats at work are not an option.

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