30 January 2008

To clarify

While I often assume everyone knows what I mean, I am often proved wrong, and so let me clarify:

that last post's title is a link to the song I can't stop singing.

My family had cable, and hence MTV, for a very brief time in the late 80s. Man oh man I love a good drum machine, dance song, whatever. It's formative; that's my excuse.

How is it so possible, over and over, for the littlest things to get me so down, so very very down? Life right now is not nearly so bad as it has been before; it is sunny today; I am reading Pattern Recognition by Gibson for the first time, and it's great. But weeks are slipping by. Hours. Blank and numb, blank and numb. The emotion I get lately is scared. More and more alien, too.

Let's get rid of that, huh? let's do.

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