14 January 2008

Kids, get your calcium. Women our (general) age need 1600mgs daily, and the average multivitamin has 10% of that. 10%!

Apparently my hand muscles were twitching because I wasn't getting enough calcium. Now, more calcium, less twitching.

Are your cilia moving fast enough? Are you getting air down to the lower lobes of your lungs, not just the top in shallow anxious breaths? Are you full of candida, like me?

And are you broke like me, and kind of daft about money's details, so you go to Carle Clinic multiple times and then later find out the CLINIC has no community care discount, only the HOSPITAL at which you are not a patient does?

Well, I just bought new soap anyway. I'll be a broke, sweet-smelling lady.

Anyone want to eat Potato Kale Enchiladas with me?

1 comment:

Adam Deutsch said...

Add some cheese to that recipe, and you might be on to something. Cheese has Calcium, ya know!