24 January 2008

working, working.

One of the books I worked on just got back from the printer ... with a typo in the subtitle on the front cover. Observe:

"Perfo mance"

It's kind of my fault, more like my department's fault. Lots of us do checks on these things. We all missed it, apparently.

My immediate responses:
1.) Really? Really? Wha?
2.) Am I going to be fired?
3.) (sick to stomach)
4.) I don't need to be upset about this. Hmm. Stopping the upset is harder work.

Five more hours? Yeah.

1 comment:

karen joyce said...

just tell them you were writing for the peeps on the street. perFOmance. okay, i know - not so funny. i am sorry about the f-up. you will be fine, it probably happens all the time, and not singularly your fault. love you...i hope you are feeling better by now.