30 November 2007

upsetting and yet unimportant things

I mean unimportant in terms of being upset about them -- these things have available solutions, unlike world hunger or the AIDS epidemic or war:

1.) mold infestation in my apartment. Am I serious? I think so. My coffee pot grows mold (that's more my fault that the pot's). My trash can just recently sprouted a 3" x 6" area of gray fuzzy mold in some rotting vegetable liquid. The tile grout behind my toilet tank, the caulk around the bathtub, the seals on my fridge -- all black mold. Is it real black mold, or just mold which is black? Do I want to know?

And are Noah and I both allergic to mold? Yes, yes indeed. Folks, I grew up in a house that could grow mold on bell peppers in the FREEZER. I have no idea how that one happened. But this seems even worse.

2.) Noah and sleep disorders. They keep getting worse, and the doctor we saw today was so uninterested and unhelpful. He said, go back to the $1400-a-night sleep lab; we said, we are poor and we don't know if we still get 100% charity assistance from them; the doctor said, in sum, go see them anyway.

3.) Kyle and I are being moved to a different office with a woman who probably hates Kyle. We hear it's warmer. Grrr.

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