08 November 2007


I always sing that in my head. With lots of bravado.

I'll arrive to see Karen, the goo-faced katchu herself, w/out her mom's meatball curry (sad! Hi to mom in Australia!), around 9:30pm Friday and leave her at 9am Sunday morning. What to do, what to do ... we usually seek out good wine, lots of food (we eat a lot together unabashedly, as good friends should), chocolate, chic and cheap clothes (hello H&M), maybe some makeup and fragrance. Last time I visited her I ended up with a free clinical skin analysis. It's like that.

This time I'm wearing my new boots, very warm sweaters and coats (oh wind in the City), maybe multiple scarves. As in more than one at once.

So if you see Noah this weekend, ask him if he's brushed his teeth and how he's sleeping. He's planning on going to a dress-like-a-video-game-character party, and studying, I think. I'm planning on lounging in pj's and doing my nails with Karen. Then returning to Urbana and doing some freelance editing.

Also of note: two good shows next week in town. The Mountain Goats. AND The Rocket Summer. In a row. Man. Put your party clothes on.

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