26 November 2007

the many loci and foci of my musical heritage

So my dad and I had this talk about Memphis, and how when I heard an American Roots episode all about Memphis, I could belt out every song they played, and I always forget I have this real country background, not just a rock/country background in k.d. lang and Lyle Lovett with a dash of Willie.

These were the other foci of my musical heritage:
Mississippi Delta
Chicago, when the blues moved north
San Francisco

Yes, David Bromberg, the Grateful Dead, Aretha, Muddy Waters, John Hartford, k.d. lang, Lyle, Willie, Los Lobos, zydeco, on and on. The basic elements: it has a beat; it encourages movement; it has a voice.

"Lula Lula Lula
Oh don't you go to bingo
You're gonna lose your money
You're gonna lose your honey" ...

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