06 November 2007

trying something new, i.e. manicotti

Not a manicotti recipe yet; that's on the way. Thanks to Adam for the shout-out.

Okay -- here it is in brief (that didn't take long, did it?):

several manicotti tubes (maybe 12? maybe one box full? I overestimated with 1.5 boxes)
a 9x13 pan, greased
freshly made marinara, heavy on the onions, 2 cans diced tomatoes with a T. of tomato paste

to stuff:
2 c. ricotta
handful mozzarella
handful parmesan
two eggs

And oh my lord. Cook the shells, make the sauce, stuff the shells, cover them with sauce, bake for 20 minutes or more at 350. And die of delight.

Sad news and happy news comes together, doesn't it? One friend let me know today she's been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, at 24. Another friend let me know she's quit a job she hates (and I hate in kind). And it's fall, and it's beautiful, and my nose will not be warm until April.

Also, for your future notes, deciding to fight winter weather with fashion is not going to leave you on the winning side. I do love the over-the-knee red and navy snowflake-patterned socks I wore today, with boots and a denim non-mini, but oh my. Socks will not save me from winter. They might save my toes. But it's time for pants, and underlayers of pants, too. Maybe I'll get some of those leggings and thigh-high socks that seem so chic.

Let's knit some socks, eh?


jW said...

I've told you before: knit yourself a snood. A small knit bucket with longer strings attached so that you can wear it over your nose and tie it behind your head.

My mother wore one.

Christine said...

Could your mother see out of this snood?

And how is it different from a face mask?