14 November 2007

A new kind of sick, really?

Despite Adam's advice that I can decide not to be sick if I only choose it, I am sick again.


This time, though, it's swollen belly, chills of course, aching body, chest soreness, ear soreness, super-fatigue (the kind that shows up and you suddenly can't hardly walk), and that kind of nausea that isn't just nausea ... more like imminent vomiting. I haven't yet, but I wish I would. Oh and no appetite. And swollen lymph nodes, which could be anything, from the scratches I have from my cat to a deathly disease. Oh and I'm coughing regularly, as opposed to my big, deep, postnasal drip coughs that make everyone think I've sneezed. I get blessed a lot. No, this is one of those frequent, mucus-producing coughs.

Mono, anyone? Mono? I've never had mono. The flu?

Pneumonia? I had pneumonia when I was 10; we thought it was an ear infection. My pediatrician listened to my chest and said, Hey, you have pneumonia. I remember just resting and maybe taking antibiotics.

Maybe I should have a doctor check me out. I do have a good one. She likes to press on my sinuses really hard when they're inflamed; maybe she'll beat me on my chest like my last good doctor did when I had a sinus-bronchial infection. That was a blast.

Dr: [pressing hard on random area of chest] Does that hurt?
me: Ow! Yes!
Dr: [pressing somewhere else] And there?
me: Yes! OW!
(continues for ten minutes)

Well, it's me and the kitten so far. Me, the kitten, knitting, freelance editing, work to do, on and on. I can't figure out what to eat, so I'm not eating. Water's okay. My thermometer says my temperature is 97.7, which is what it always says, except for earlier today when it said 97.0. This makes me suspicious.

Chest soreness? Weak leg feeling? Burny eyes?

Shouldn't someone take me out behind a barn and put me out of my misery?! Or at least change out all my blood or something.


karen joyce said...

ms. smarm:
i can't believe you are sick. are you OKAY? please rest. umm i don't have any advice. usually, YOU give me the sickness advice. i wish you could take off tomorrow and rest, but i think you have used most of your sick hours. uuum. let me know how you are. your indian doc will definitely tell you what is up.

Adam Deutsch said...

I think you've been watching too much House.

Kristen said...

A course of leeches!