27 November 2007

oh yeah, I made legwarmers

and I did NOT knit them. I cut the feet off a pair of my mom's old double-knit socks. Double-knit in flame red and navy snowflakes, above the knee, full of holes. But man they keep me warm. In a way I did not think possible.

new illness list:
super-inflamed sinuses
super dry nasal passages (oh neti and humidifier, be my salvation)
uh, general malaise
coughing junk from the lungs and the postnasal drip together.

Keep your babies and old people away from me. And wash your hands, please.

I like the course of leeches idea. I like the idea of sitting in a sauna, too, but I don't have one. Maybe I'll make my bathroom into one; it's small. But not hot enough.

I hear that yoga and massages are bad to get when you're sick, what with all the moving lymph system junk around. I also hear that raw garlic is the key to staying well.

I'm back on my drugs (allergy and killer decongestant), out of sick days, remember, and it's only just now getting cold.

In other news, any recommendations for hard-to-kill, hanging-friendly, not-needing-too-much-sun houseplants? My five-year-old aloe is dead. Post the splitting it up and giving it new soil. I just kind of forgot sunlight and enough water.

I'm thinking philodendron. They work for me.

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jW said...

There's a book called "How to Grow Clean Air" or something that rates houseplants are their hard-to-killability (AKA Steven Seagal Index) and their ability to remove contaminants from the air.