09 November 2007

I wish I could sew well.

Because I can sew; it would be inaccurate to say I can't do it at all. But my seams, they are not straight, and the machine, it scares me, and my handstitching looks fun and funky to me because I usually use contrasting thread and make a big mess.

I am not one of those neat seamstresses. I may not be one of those neat knitters, either. I can't decide on that one.

Some talk of knitting is going to have to start being discussing in "mystery code language." I am knitting for (perhaps) some of my readers. And you will not have your surprise ruined! No no no.

Things I am dreaming of knitting for myself:
-- socks with the exquisite yarn from Christy (thank you thank you thank you!)
-- a scarf in black bulky alpaca, 100% alpaca, folks -- I will be warm
-- fingerless mitts a la Weekend Knitting -- the kind that will fit over leather gloves, but add warmth, without destroying dexterity
-- bulky mittens, for the days when nothing else will do and I might as well be wearing a white fur muff (which I had as a child, briefly)
-- legwarmers with anything I can find
-- a cuff bracelet with buffalo yarn
-- maybe an iPod cozy ...
-- maybe a cowl out of Rowan Kidsilk Haze and a wool/silk blend I do not yet own ... could viscose work? Or tripled linen and silk? I do have that silk ... Hmm.

Back to work to work, then to Karen to Karen!

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