12 November 2007

My company prorates sick time. Since I started after July 1, I was given 20 hours of sick time.

I've used 24. It's not December yet. I am due for a million more colds.

Any ideas on how to not get sick? Some kinds of sick I can't control much, but the other kinds ... what to do.

-- sleep more, and regularly
-- keep drinking 3-4 liters of water a day
-- keep eating lots of vegetables and fruits
-- keep taking vitamins
-- keep using the Neti pot
-- keep drinking echinacea tea

What else, what else? Wash my hands every ten minutes? I do wash them often and well. I did work in food service; I know what the hand washing is all about.

As for allergy flare-ups ... I guess I can attack dust and mold a bit more vehemently. I guess? I guess so.

-- start using my humidifier at night
-- wash all linens once a week
-- purchase and use mattress cover and pillow covers

Migraines, well, I really can only sleep regularly and not get stressed. Sounds fine to me. A bit complicated, though, by living.

-- exercise more?
-- lower my levels of chronic fatigue and cortisol?

Out of options. I am a sick girl. I am sad about all this and a bit confused. Please lend me your ideas, friends. Please.

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Adam Deutsch said...

When I was younger, the doctor told me I could only take antibiotics once a year at most for them to keep working. He told me not to get sick anymore, and if I do, I'll be fine in a few days. I stopped getting sick.

Don't get sick anymore. You're not allowed.