23 February 2009

A Two-Item Bulleted List

* Is there any way that any one can convince me to actually like red kidney beans? Please suggest ways if you have them. I can buy them cheaply but I think they are gross. Sad quandry.

* I am enthralled with mint.com. Totally in love. I wanted to set up my E*Trade account with this level of filtering, but this mint thing is much much better. And faster. And yes I/we have very negative net worth but you know ... okay I have no consolations. It's better to know about. (And my biggest loan isn't even loaded on there yet! Ha! Sigh.)

* BONUS ITEM I am trying new things with my hair; this is embarrassing. I do think about my hair, but I also go to lectures on design by guys from Patagonia and walk out feeling certain I could have explained the brand and business model better BY FAR. Hello stand-up shorts and the history of recycled fleece? Hello great cuts for women and a mind for color? And he didn't mention their "send it back" program. Which I hope still exists ... oh good it does, with less glamorous shots of beat-up shorts than I remember in decade-old catalogs.

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