12 February 2009

Procrastination, Dinner, and a Poem, but Not AWP

For all writers of all kinds: Shauna talks about procrastination.

Yeah, I might not eat meat anymore. Like for real.

How good it is to have burritos with a friend, and some wine, and some assisted paper-cutting.

Enjoy AWP, yall. Maybe I'll see you in Denver next year. I do love Boulder.

I wrote a poem today; my hands ached like crazy after handwriting for a few hours at work today; I had tasty dinner; I had tasty wine; I did not make truffles. I really want to adapt this recipe to make cardamom-infused truffles. Yum, cardamom and dark chocolate.

Yeah, I did write a poem today. I'm back to my every-six-months routine, unlike some people I know, cough adam cough. It's a poem about winter and losing earrings in snow-covered parking lots and finding them in spring. Mashed flat by your car.

Talk about spoilers ...

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broken570 said...

i want to read this poem.