01 March 2009

Still Got the Check, But No More Claim

My worker's compensation claim was denied on Thursday evening, after a great meeting at work about this very thing earlier in the afternoon. Totally shocked me and the insurance case worker, but to no avail, claim is denied. They're paying for everything up until Thursday, which is good and reasonable, but ... the only reason they denied the claim is because the independent doctor they had me see read my EMG results and said, "no pre-existing condition, and not work-related"--with no explanation. I'm talking to a lawyer.

So, imminent medical bills, not sure what this changes for me at work, not sure that they won't try to let me go ASAP, which I would fight, and this is all back to terrifying.

It is good to be back in OT--they'll be making me new splints for my thumbs, for the de Quervain's tendonitis there, and I have a new stretch, and I got to use their magical heat packs again. Three times a week and then two times a week--I'll see lots of them. My main therapist there says there's a 50/50 chance that OT will work it all out, or that OT will help and I'll still need surgery. So we're doing intense OT for a month and reevaluating.

Now, to make yogurt, to dye yarn, to make a plan for myself titled "how to survive: eating, sleeping, and thinking well." Surely we can make it until July in Seattle. Right?


Lassie said...

Grr! This makes me so angry at those fools. Ugh. July must come; you must get out of there. How are grad school plans coming? We need coffee.

Tom said...

makes me mad too... hang in there...July is not far away!