16 February 2009


Or would the style authorities I know call that an unnecessary hyphen? CMS might.

I will attend a yogurt-making class on Saturday at my local co-op! I am so excited. I do vaguely know how to make yogurt, or perhaps more accurately I know how yogurt is made. Even the class description mentioned that 4000 years ago, people were making yogurt, without a $50 W-S yogurt maker. (No hyphen that time. I should write a style sheet for myself.) But I am no nomad, I do not have this dairy-curdling in my mostly northern European blood, and for a $5 attendance fee I could have bought yogurt. And then I would eat it and it would be gone, but the eight ounces of starter I will take home after the class will make LIMITLESS YOGURT.

Yogurt is one of the top reasons I'm not vegan--soy yogurt is pretty gross. Maybe making my own could be better ... not sure of that one.

Okay, really, whenever I talk the big vegan game, someone should say, "Hey, remember that time in college you told your friends you might as well be vegan--while eating a piece of pizza with not only cheese, but ham and pineapple on it?" Yeah, I remember.

Also, the co-op sent the email today at 12:30pm, I read it around 1, and when I signed up at 7:55, I took the last spot. YOGURT-MAKING IS HOT.


broken570 said...

send me some?

Noah said...


Lassie said...

You would be the one to push yogurt-making into the "HOT" category, Christine... You'll have to let me know how it goes. Perhaps over weekend mochas? I've been too busy getting caught up after AWP to blog about it, but it's coming... I went to two amazing "tribute" panels... very funereal, very wonderful.