19 February 2009

What Not to Talk to a Hand Surgeon About

My new doctor wants me to have radial tunnel release surgery. One of the main risks of the surgery is that you can lose nerve ennervation and muscle strength in the back of your hand ... and the pain might not go away, and the compression might not be over. Oh and they can accidentally sever the nerve. And it puts your arm mostly out of commission for over a month, and it's only fully back after three months.

Not a surgery I'm interested in. He is a hand surgeon, so I guess his recommendation would be surgery.

Totally disheartening visit ... left me really hopeless, i.e., will I ever get better, why am I not better, why is the world so bad, when will I get better, will it be before my life changes drastically as everybody thought in September when I began treatment ... this could make moving cross-country v. difficult ... why does this doctor act like I'm lying to him about where I feel pain, saying crap like "I only have proof that you have radial tunnel and that your forearm should hurt" but clearly more hurts than that, et al, et al. So I dropped out of the world for the evening and feel better now. And I did dishes, and I don't feel like I hurt myself, and that is awesome.

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Lassie said...

I'm sure making yogurt will be the life-changing event you've been waiting for. :)