22 February 2009

Calmer with Fingerless Mitts

All right, I'm feeling a little calmer.

Not doing hardly anything at all makes my arms feel so much better. It's ridiculous. No pain meds today, and I'm feeling fine so far. Of course, the most intense things my arms have done today is 1) hold a phone and 2) mend some knitted fingerless mitts of mine that I literally WORE THROUGH, breaking the yarn (not even at the end!) and subsequently patched up some hanging loose stitches. Oy, how much I rely on these mitts, which hopefully you can see on here ...

Anyone who's wishing they had something to knit, I can hook you up with yarn and a pattern ... and you can knit me new ones! I have yarn and ideas for two, maybe three pairs. The faster you knit, the better.

My friend Adam is doing a cool thing, publishing a handmade chapbook of one poem (of someone else's) and distributing them for free.

Feeling also absent-minded today, like, what should I do today? Huh? How many hours just passed? Wha? Eat cookies and plan installation art in my head? Sounds all right.

But perhaps the big thing is ... career, job, life, injury, what to do, what to decide not to do in order to stay better, and weighing, where can I convince people that my voice software is awesome and will be great for me, that yeah giving me a single office is totally worth it, and that, while I could invoke the ADA whenever, they really want to hire me before a legal battle ensues ... and I don't really want to get into any of that. Today, I want to design fabric in a really large workspace and run some installation shows. Maybe sell on etsy.com. Forget words; words, you bring pain, lately. I want my knitting back.

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Lassie said...

I can knit you new ones fast... as soon as summer comes! I made a pair for Dana for xmas as she had been admiring mine, and they went super quick, but now I am DROWNING in GWS readings. (And snot.) ((And I still haven't updated my own blog in forever time.))