15 March 2009

Making What?

* yogurt again

* dyeing yarn again

* headway into new apartments in new cities

* headway also into what to eat, when, how: I finally started using the power-flow timer thing, like plant grow-light timer, for my crock-pot dry-bean cookery: turn on at 1pm, turn off at 4pm, and since they're just beans, the time spent soaking before cooking probably won't kill us

* tofu pasta bake with friends--yes, it sounds awful, but it is intensely delicious, and perhaps using four cloves of garlic in the tofu cheese was a little much, given Noah's reaction when I came home: "Garlic! Ahhh!"

Perhaps in my next life (which is not so far away) I will be making things with fabric and yarn and dye, selling them, healing this injury, cooking good food, living calmly, maybe teaching or tutoring or freelance editing part-time. I should learn to be a better blogger. The artist bloggers are all so hip.

1 comment:

Lassie said...

You're hip!

Don't be too hip... you have to stay semi-lame to maintain your modesty, and so you'll still want to be my friend. :)