13 March 2009

Oh Ye Booyahs

Sentences like this make me first laugh then desperately want to be asleep (taken from the good folks here):

Mr. Cramer, the host of “Mad Money,” barely had time for his usual shuffleboard games at the Elk’s Lodge near his home.

The lodge “is a booyah-free zone,” he said, using his trademark exclamation. “I was not able to get away from the booyahs this week.”

Nor, sir, have I been able to get away from the booyahs for a long time. Oh ye booyahs, persecuting me for my many, loud personal contributions to this economic crisis. Pain is not felt for ye.

Also, I played shuffleboard in middle school gym class for a while and loved it. LOVED it. Anybody besides this dude that wants to play shuffleboard, call me up.

Other news? I am talking with a new surgeon dude who will hopefully not be a terrible person who disrespects me for twenty minutes and then expects me to say, "Yes, please cut me up in a procedure with a 20% complication rate of nerve damage." I did a lot of dishes this week. I found an old, wonderful friend online after losing touch for five years. I am planning to wear a t-shirt and pearls tomorrow, or some such outfit, to an organic wine tasting with friends to be followed by frozen treats and hot chocolate sauce. Some things are really bad; other things are not so terrible; and every day that passes makes more of the bad things a little farther away.

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