03 September 2008

Short Posts

*was diagnosed with carpal tunnel
*wearing wrist splints on both wrists, 24 hrs. a day
*still getting pain, tingling, burning, numbness, etc.

*yes, I'm still 25.

*and my ergonomic keyboard never leaves me-board. i take it to work and then take it home as needed.

*the carpal tunnel web sites recommend wearing fingerless gloves at work. ha! do it! just don't knit your own, apparently.

*expect less typing from me for a while. still i love you all. just going to rest my hands a little ... put the knitting and clay work on hold ... the work-work and freelance-work ... i recommend the free download Workrave, which has a really great mandatory break program and a really scary tracker of all your mouse use, keystroke volume, and how long you're active on your computer. i'm at a consistent three to four hours of active use. that excludes reading online.

*and is this the dumbest health problem i've ever had? yes.

1 comment:

broken570 said...

*you sound like the woman from that fibromyalgia commercial.
*over the hill.
*maybe the fashionable gloves can offset the wrist splints.
*i never expect any typing from you. that way, i'm never disappointed. and why in the hell would you want to know all that information about how long you waste your life at a computer and how many keystrokes and mouse movements and whatever you make? that's only going to depress you. and is in no way helpful. boo workrave. boo.
*it only seems fitting. don't worry; you have plenty of good years ahead of you to get even dumber health problems.

**stories will be forthcoming. as of right now there aren't that many great ones, other than some ridiculous examples of arguments from my students and one girl's lament at having fifteen minutes to trek the mile or two to my class.