26 August 2008

A Recipe and a Workers' Compensation Thing

I have a feeling some of you would like the superfood scone recipe. So I'll add that sometime.

And I think I am developing/already have some repetitive stress injury, a la carpal tunnel, blah blah. My hands and arms and shoulders hurt, ache, burn, go numb, get super cold (it's a symptom, apparently) ... so far it's nothing big, in terms of filing, and I'm really careful with documentation when I feel like it, so I'm being careful.

Man, what does this all mean? Braces? Massage (I want to call it 'court-mandated massage')? Anything at all?

I guess I should start with seeing a doctor ...


broken570 said...

didn't you watch the video on the first day of work?! maybe it's because you stole my chair. and then the keyboard wasn't good enough for you so you had to bring in your own ergonomic one.

so ehrman is gone? how's magsters? how's haywood? how're things?

Christine said...

jeanne just dropped off a copy of that video and told me to watch it. for real.

yeah, diagnosed, it's exciting, these braces help the pain but slow me down so much.

my ergonomic keyboard never leaves me -board ...

magster seems okay, i don't see a lot of her. i think haywood's in pages? not sure.

things = things, kyle. the office is empty, i am typing slow, and noah is busy again with school. japanese 3 + fluid mechanics + human computer interface + probability + tablet pc's = a busy dude ... who knew?

i need teaching stories, stat. and what's this about aesthetic change doing "one" good? i don't buy it. i'm sticking with evil/pink is the new black.