20 September 2008

Wrong Again

The EMG and nerve conduction tests say ... I do NOT have carpal tunnel syndrome. Or at least I have no nerve damage. The doctor said I might have had mild carpal tunnel when I started wearing the splints three weeks ago and that it's had time to recover since then. Whichever it is, I am SO HAPPY to not have nerve damage because ... nerve damage doesn't get better. You can't regrow nerves or heal them, just kind of cope with them. And nerve damage is in my family, of course: paternal grandfather with myasthenia gravis; mom with spinal cord injury and now MS ... I can stay off the list for now.

I do have bilateral wrist and elbow tendinitis, though. The doctor was like, this is rare. You're still 25? So ... I'll stop typing soon ...

Doctor's orders for the weekend: don't do anything. I think yarn dyeing can stay on the list, though. Our full-DVD-collection of The West Wing finally arrived, so I have things to watch at least.

Six more weeks of occupational therapy, with better splints on the way, with the great elbow gel pads already, nice OT named Becky ...


broken570 said...

you're kind of a disaster. and then you're not. and then you are again. and then you're not again. and then you're just a mess instead of a disaster. it is rather entertaining to follow though.

i know what i am good at. playing video games such as rock band and hanging out at random parties eating ice cream and drinking booze and telling bad jokes to people i don't know well. luckily that all can be included under the umbrella of grad school, so i think i'll stick it out.

let it be known that grading 80 responses is a very time-consuming process. and that freshman are horrible writers, but i cannot expect their writing to be outstanding, because they are just freshman. so i cannot grade them too terribly harshly or i will be unjust. it's a fine line.

i see squirrelonfire online a lot more than i used to. it's good to see he can make time for games amidst the pressure of japanese.

i bet lee would let you play a/c off in the office.

Laura said...

Yipes, dude. Stop falling apart!

And, if you need to pass off any freelance editing while you recover, I am poor. Really poor.